Date Day Description
01/01/2021FriInternational New Year
04/01/2021MonIndependence Day
13/01/2021WedKayin New Year
12/02/2021FriUnion Day
02/03/2021TuePeasants' Day
26/03/2021FriFull Moon Day of Tabaung
27/03/2021SatArmed Forces Day
29/03/2021MonArmed Forces Day Holiday
13/04/2021TueMyanmar New Year Holiday & Myanmar Thingyan Water Festival
14/04/2021WedMyanmar New Year Holiday & Myanmar Thingyan Water Festival
15/04/2021ThuMyanmar New Year Holiday & Myanmar Thingyan Water Festival
16/04/2021FriMyanmar New Year's Day
17/04/2021SatMyanmar New Year Holiday
18/04/2021SunMyanmar New Year Holiday
19/04/2021MonMyanmar New Year Holiday
30/04/2021FriLabour Day Holiday
01/05/2021SatLabour Day (May Day)
25/05/2021TueFull Moon Day Of Kasong (Vesak Day)
19/07/2021MonMartyr's Day
23/07/2021FriFull Moon Day of Waso
19/10/2021TueThadaingyut Holiday
20/10/2021WedFull Moon Day of Thadaingyut
21/10/2021ThuThadaingyut Holiday
17/11/2021WedFull Moon Day of Tazaungmone
18/11/2021ThuTazaungmone Holiday
28/11/2021SunNational Day
29/11/2021MonNational Day Holiday
24/12/2021FriChristmas Day Holiday
25/12/2021SatChristmas Day
31/12/2021FriInternational New Year Holiday
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